We Get It.

We know first-hand how Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts families.
Jake’s House was built to provide support and solutions for caregivers and children living with autism.

Support for One. Support for All

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
What, you too? I thought I was the only one.”
— CS Lewis

We know the profound effect autism has on families.
We understand the not knowing:

Not knowing if your child will be safe; if they will be healthy; if they will have friends or meaningful relationships; if they will feel bullied, isolated, or alone;
not knowing if they will have dreams or the means to achieve them; not knowing if you can provide enough
— if you can be good enough for them.

Not knowing if there’s help with all this not knowing.

Jake’s House was built so no parent, child, or person affected by autism
will ever feel abandoned, alone, or without hope.

You are not the only one.

Jake's House is honored to be included in the 2017 funding that will transform Ontario's services and support for families whose lives have been affected by autism.

Over the next several months, we will prepare to launch the Jake’s House Legends Program.

The Legends Program will match a volunteer (18 years and older) with a child with autism and their family, connecting them to the large Jake’s House Community network.

Starting in 2018, volunteer mentors will commit 2 hours a week (or 4 hours every other week) over a one year period to spend time with their mentees — who will greatly benefit from having a friend and their family will benefit from a few hours of respite on a regular basis.

Read the Jake's House Legends Program News Release from the Ontario Provincial Government.

Jake’s House. Your House

The house we build together is the one we share now and in the future.

With Events and Financial Programs already in place and first-of-its-kind Mentorship and Friendship Programs in development, Jake’s House is working with the community to build tailored-support and long-term structure.



Savings Plans

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When you, as a parent and caregiver, first learn of your child’s autism, every hope and dream you had for your child’s future instantly changes.

You ask, How can we fix it? What can we do? Where can we go for treatment?

This is what David and Irene Bodanis faced when their son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism in 1995.

“We never looked at what is “normal” or “typical” in the same fashion again. We happily learned that in the absence of a true ‘cure’, the most effective ‘treatment’ for autism lies no further away than your family and friends.”
—David Bodanis

That is why Jake’s House was founded:
To support families by assisting and better equipping them for the challenges they face; and to augment that assistance through initiatives that engage extended families, supporters and the ASD community.

Jake’s House is a registered charitable organization founded in 2004 by David and Irene Bodanis.